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Ruby Lane
(2014 - Positive Music Records)
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"Ruby Lane" is new and beautiful contemporary jazz from one of the genre's most gifted and successful recording artists. Top charting and award winning contemporary guitarist and composer Ken Navarro has created his 21st album and his first ensemble album in 4 years. Ken's brilliant acoustic and electric guitar work are featured throughout.

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Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Piano, Keyboards
Evan Rorkan: Bass
Karen Voran: Drums and Percussion
The Scheinbar String Quartet:
Jess Cloak: 1st Violin
Roy Tembs: 2nd Violin
Ray Brectys: Viola
Leon Trishnikard: Cello



Ken shares some of his thoughts about each song.....

1. Ruby Lane

In late 2013, my wife and childhood sweetheart Kristin and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. This is my musical gift to her.

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2. Kings and Queens

Dedicated to Coretta Scott King and Ethel Kennedy - two women who raised children without the help of a father. This composition was inspired by single mothers (and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers) who do the hardest, most important job on earth.

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3. Higher Ground

I really wanted to record Stevie Wonder's classic song on solo guitar. But I had to do justice to his flawless sense of rhythm and groove. And this meant that I had to play his signature bass line, his very funky clavinet part and the melody all at the same time. So to honor the musical genius of Mr. Wonder and the message of this song, I taught myself to do that...

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4. Running Toward The Sun

Acoustic guitar and acoustic bass make an R&B groove even funkier and deeper for me. The guitar solo on this one was played in just one take. And the bass, drums and percussion interact with my guitar beautifully.

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5. Westbound and Rolling

I played no less than 11 individual guitar parts on this one. It's quite a journey and though thoroughly inviting for the listener, I believe it's a new direction for contemporary jazz.

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6. When The Spirit Speaks

A string quartet is a very beautiful thing so I wrote this piece for my guitar and the Scheinbar String Quartet and placed it in a warm, modern musical setting.

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7. Can I Make It Last (or will it just be over)

This soulful, early Boz Scaggs song always stayed with me over the years and in 2013, I came up with a contemporary way to play it, my way. Special note: my acoustic piano work on this was inspired by the late, great Joachim Young who played soulful, brilliant piano for Boz.

Can Listen Listen


8. A Gentle Man

If you have followed my progression through "The Grace of Summer Light" and "Dreaming of Trains", you know that I like to create through-composed pieces, songs that take you on a journey where you start in one place and end somewhere else. For this song, I wanted to accomplish this with just one guitar and pianist.

Gentle Listen Listen


9. Fortunate Son

I recorded this song originally on my 1991 album "Labor of Love" and then again on my live 1998 album "Ablaze In Orlando". But this version is the definitive one for me. It seems that it was always meant to be a solo guitar song. I wrote it as a thank you to my father and mother.

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